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ATTRACTION: Curated to assist in bringing in the positive & letting go of the negative. 

BE CHILL: A calming blend, clean, meditative blend helps quiet the noise and relieve stress. A morning routine to start your day off in a state of calm, or at night before bed to aid in peaceful sleep.,

BE FREE: Just let it all go & be free from stress & anxiety. A calmative blend helps ground the spirit & focus the mind. Great to use when feeling overwhelmed/having a busy day.

HEAD AID: A wonderful, effective blend that helps reduce discomfort from headaches & migraines. Most useful when applied as soon as headache symptoms appear. Rub on temples, apply light massage.  May also reduce nausea associated w/migraines.

PALO SANTO: Palo Santo has been used throughout the spiritual realm & has been known for calming the spirit & uplifting the mind.


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