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The AR Practitioners

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Terri Street

Licenced Massage Therapist

Licenced Esthetician

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 Terri is the heart and soul of Atlantic Retreat, her love for her clients, and passion for wellness, is what has inspired her to create a truly intentional, heart centered business. Her services are infused with mindfulness and love, where each of her clients receive a curated treatment that supports their overall health. It brings her so much gratitude and appreciation for her craft,  to witness the shift in each of her clients, as they begin to heal their mind, body and spirit, whether they are receiving a facial, massage or customized AR Botanical blend to support their individual needs. She is truly honored to create such beautiful relationships with her clients over her eleven years in business.


Her journey into wellness started over twenty years ago, when she fulfilled her soul calling becoming a Licenced Esthetician, her path has led her to expanding her knowledge, skills and offerings in the holistic field as well as Therapeutic Licenced Massage Therapist for over 12 years. Terri has studied, trained and been certified in several healing modalities including reflexology, manual lymph drainage, Reiki, aromatherapy and stone massage therapy, her vast knowledge allows her to curate individualized treatments for her clients, providing personalised care for massage therapy and skin health and healing.


Currently, Terri is studying to become a Certified Aromatherapist, in addition to her robust list of offerings and modalities. Her deep connection with nature paired with her soul calling in the Healing Arts has fueled her mission to create sustainable, orgainic, plant based, skin and body products with a purpose, and to provide her clients with clean products to use between visits, to maintain overall health and self care.


Her positive energy is abundant and her hands magical. She believes that holistic and therapeutic practices are not only about pampering but more importantly about how her clients feel about themselves inside and out.

Atlantic Retreat continues to grow and transform, as Terri enters her 11th year in business, and her intention will always be to create a space for her clients to heal, breath, and be, in an oasis of peace, that is Atlantic Retreat.

Maria Geisbert

Registered Massage Therapist

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Though relaxing and improving the way the body and mind feels is a natural effect of massage therapy, Maria seeks to improve the mind, body and spirit's functionality, balance and performance as well.

Whether it is stress manifesting itself physically, or physical pain and discomfort that is causing psychological or emotional disturbance, Maria will listen to the client, as well as their body and energy, to create a therapeutic treatment that best suits their needs. Maria's knowledge and skill in clinical technique, even when deep work is needed, is applied with a fluent, nurturing, and healing touch, providing a therapeutic and restorative treatment to achieve an overall feeling of wellness which can lead to profound positive results.

Maria is a graduate of Holistic Massage Training Institute in Baltimore, MD. She is nationally certified and is a registered massage practitioner in the state of Maryland. Maria has continued education and certifications in modalities such as cupping massage, pregnancy massage, manual lymph drainage, myofacial release, injury rehabilitation massage, PNI (psychoneuroimmunology), pre and post event sports massage, chakra balancing, reiki, hot stone massage and aromatherapy. 

Through her own meditative practice she has gained knowledge and insight in developing her own style of energy work. This has been a key to her own self healing and exploration and she seeks to share the gift of her discoveries and acquired techniques to help others in their path to wellness.

Alexis Reynolds

Licenced Massage Therapist

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It only took one massage for Alexis to fall in love with its therapeutic benefits and to develop a strong passion for wanting to help, heal, and relax others. In 2007, she pursued her massage therapy education at Delaware Learning Institute of Cosmetology. After graduation in 2008, she began working at two local Salon & Spas in addition to continuing her long career in the Ocean City hospitality industry. During that time, Alexis furthered her education and attended Wor-Wic Community College where she graduated with an Associates of Science Degree in Nursing in 2017.  After obtaining her license as a Registered Nurse, and working in the field, she began to feel a strong urge to approach healing how she used to, in a more calming, 


In October 2019, Alexis reinstated her massage therapy license and cannot be more excited to provide holistic healing to the community using her experience in nursing and her own personal journey of practicing mindfulness through meditation, EFT, and yoga. In addition her practice will focus on more than just the great physical benefits of massage, but also the intense emotional healing that is also benefited, when combined with the right intention


Alexis is now taking clients through Atlantic Retreat, and will be focusing on continuing her education as a Licensed Massage Therapist.  She is currently enrolled in online courses through the American Massage Therapy Association to expand her knowledge and skill set in providing a physical and emotional healing environment to her clients. Alexis offers traditional, restorative massage therapy techniques paired with hot stones and aromatherapy while focusing on an individualized experience for each of her client’s needs. The holistic and healing field is ever growing and expanding, with that, it is Alexis’ goal to continue her education, and certifications in specialty techniques and modalities that will allow her to spread healing while growing her practice

Alex Tolan

Holy Fire® III Karuna® II Usui

Reiki Master Practitioner

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Alex Tolan is a Berlin-based Reiki Master earning certifications and specializing in traditional Usui Reiki, Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® modalities. 

In 2012, Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Salisbury University. She went on to express her creativity through commissioned paintings and creating Everly and Opal, a handmade jewelry line. Her jewelry focuses on the healing properties of crystals and gemstones and what they do for the mind, body, and spirit. Though her artistic passion lies with creating healing jewelry, she has always had an inner calling to help others in some way. After her own personal experiences receiving Reiki, she knew this was the modality that inspired her the most to help and heal others.


In 2019, Alex’s spiritual journey was awakened, where she dove deep into her life’s purpose, on a mission to help those who are open to healing, and in turn, heal themselves. In her Reiki sessions, she loves to incorporate crystals and guided meditations for deeper healing, relaxing and restorative experience. Alex’s sessions are intuitively led, and Divinely Guided, connecting to the energy of her client, allowing deeper understandings and insights.


What is Reiki? 

“Rei”, meaning universe, “Ki”, meaning life force energy, works with and flows through a subtle system of channels and meridians, like those used in acupuncture, regulating and supporting our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well being. 


Benefits include, reduction of depression and anxiety, enables emotional clarity and spiritual growth and eases physical symptoms such as pain or discomfort throughout the body. Reiki also increases white blood cell production, assists the body’s natural healing process, and calms the mind, amongst many more wonderful healing benefits.


For a relaxing and restorative Reiki session book an appointment with Alex today!